Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Task Description

  • Vacuum or sweep all floors (rug, tile, wood)
  • Disinfect tables / chairs and doorknobs
  • Empty waste bins and put in a new liner
  • Straighten up chairs and couches
  • Restack magazines / Clean Reception desk / phones
  • Wipe down all hard surfaces (sink, kitchen table, counters)
  • Check soap dispensers, refill if necessary
  • Check paper towers, refill if necessary
  • Sweep floors or damp mop
  • Take out the trash and put in new liners
  • Use glass cleaner to wipe any glass surfaces (coffee table, windows, etc.)
  • Clean the inside of the microwave
  • Bathroom Mop and disinfect all floors thoroughly
  • Vacuum Or Brush Upholstered Furniture
  • Plus other cleaning task as needed


Service Key Features

We carry out our responsibilities in a disciplined way, and offer a series of checks and balances so that you can be certain the work we do is always first-rate.

  • Specialized services, customized to your needs
  • 100% effective cleaning solutions
  • Trustworthy, reliable and timely cleaning services
  • We supply all cleaning equipment and materials