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Our Story

CleanBiz Janitorial Services sets a new benchmark for quality Janitorial Cleaning Service. Our suite of integrated services covers all the needs, from lunchroom, restroom, office , and to specialized services  by our team of clean care professionals. Never before has one company had the expertise and capacity to offer cleaning service solutions that covers your facility needs. 

It’s a well-known fact that most all of us prefer to work in a clean facility, Well except this, on the other hand, the credentials that makes CleanBiz Janitorial services so unique and differ from others, is our rare and qualitative services. we are without any asking very much picky and extra conscious about our reputation and cleaning credentials and just for the sake to give you the valuable and maximum cleaning, we are always alert and extra careful in the sense of our staff, and cleaning services.

The next best thing, is our products the products which we use is eco-friendly and have no harmful effect. We know how much important it is to make an environment healthy and long-lasting sustainable and to make and create a healthy environment we are very much choosy about our products.



Our Core Mission, Vision, and Values.

CleanBiz Janitorial Services aspires to be a leading provider of innovative and empowerment cleaning services for residential and commercial cleaning? We hold our Core Values to the highest standard.