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Safety Tips Your Dad Should Follow When Driving

When is it Time to Take Away the Keys?

That said, there are times when seniors need to hand over the keys. It may be up to you to know when it’s time to take your dad’s keys away. There are several ways to know if a senior is still capable of driving.

If your dad cannot fully twist around to check all areas of a blind spot, he shouldn’t drive. If he mixes up pedals, he also needs to stop driving. If his vision has significantly decreased or he’s had a stroke, seizure, or heart attack, talk to his doctor to see if it’s safe for him to be behind the wheel.


What Safety Tips Can Help Him Drive Safely

Your dad is still okay to drive, but that doesn’t stop you from worrying. There are things he can do to drive safely. Start with a period review of his driving. Ride with him and see if his reaction times are still appropriate in different situations.

Does your dad find it difficult to stand up after sitting? There are devices that can make it easier to get out of a car. Look into swivel seats that allow him to swivel both legs out of the car. There are also handles that hook onto the door frame to offer support while standing up.

An SUV that’s higher off the ground may be easier for your dad to get in and out of. If he has a car that sits low to the ground and can afford a replacement, look into SUVs.

To make it easier to see blind spots, there are secondary mirrors that attach to existing mirrors. With these mirrors, your dad will have a larger range of vision. There are also newer cars with cameras that show what’s behind the car when backing up.


When It Is Time to Hand Over the Keys

Giving up the car keys doesn’t mean your dad has to give up his freedom. Caregivers offer a range of services designed to help the elderly remain independent. One of those services is transportation.

Your dad will have a caregiver available to drive him to stores, senior centers, and appointments. If he just wants to go for a ride, caregivers can do that, too. Call a home care agency to learn more about the range of services