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How to Make Exercise a Regular Part of Your Senior’s Life

Prioritize Exercise for Her

Exercise can do so much to help your senior’s current and future health. In order for that to happen, though, she needs to actually exercise. Making movement a priority means that it happens regularly and that your elderly family member is moving in ways that are right for her. Talk to her doctor about the best ways to make that happen.


Make Exercise Simple

Anything that is complicated is going to be difficult for people to keep up with on a regular basis. Your senior’s exercise plan needs to be simple and straightforward. Some of the simplest exercises include activities she can do without special equipment, like walking or stretching.


Keep it Fun and Enjoyable

Whatever your senior starts doing for exercise, she needs to enjoy it. If she doesn’t find it fun at all, she’s not going to want to exercise and she’ll dread it. Finding an exercise group for your senior or encouraging her to exercise with friends can really help a lot. You might want to look into classes in her area specifically for aging adults.


Try New Activities

Those classes for seniors in your area might be a great way for her to try new exercises and activities, too. Trying new activities is a great way for your elderly family member to find something that she enjoys doing, which can help her to stay active. She might not like everything that she tries and that’s okay, too.


Add Challenges Periodically

Every once in a while your senior’s workout needs to get a little bit more challenging. These types of challenges don’t have to be massive at all. Walking on the treadmill for a minute longer than usual is a great, simple challenge. This helps her to find new limits and to get the most from her workout.

Remember that if your senior family member isn’t used to exercising it’s better to ease into daily workouts. It can take some time for her to adjust and to ramp up to a daily exercise routine. Having home care providers available can help, because they can keep her on schedule and assist with other tasks, too.